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Check the Clues bundle – Any three books

check the clues bundle

Cooperative group problem-solving cards and activities.,

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Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom

Year Levels: F - 7

Professional journal for those with an interest in primary school mathematics education.

Avanti Mental Maths

Avanti Mental Maths 3rd edition
3rd Edition
Ellita De Nardi
Year Levels: 2 - 7

A repertoire of fun activities and open-ended tasks aimed at helping students to understand numbers and operations.

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Becoming The Maths Teacher You Wish You'd Had

Ideas and Strategies from Vibrant Classrooms
Tracy Johnston Zager
Year Levels: F - 12

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Brain-Boosting Mathematics Games

Brain-Boosting Mathematics Games
Are You Game?
John Gough
Year Levels: F - 7

Games are enjoyable, and research shows that learning to play games can boost learning.

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Building Numeracy

Building Numeracy
Moving from diagnosis to intervention
George Booker
Year Levels: F - 7

Another excellent resource from well-respected author George Booker

The crux of this publication is that “To overcome the difficulties that students have, teachers need to be able to pinpoint weaknesses early and provide intervention…” (p4)

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Calculators in Classrooms

Using them sensibly
Paul Swan
Year Levels: F - 7

Teacher notes and student activities to support the effective use of calculators.

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Card Capers

Card Capers
Developing Mathematics from Playing Cards
Paul Swan
Year Levels: 2 - 8

Imaginative puzzles, problems and games using a basic pack of playing cards.

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Challenging Mathematical Tasks

Unlocking the potential of all students
Peter Sullivan
Year Levels: 2 - 8


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Check the Clues D: Years 5 & 6

Paul Swan, David Dunstan
Year Levels: 5 - 6

Cooperative Group Problem Solving Cards for Mathematics

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Count like an Egyptian: A hands-on introduction to ancient mathematics

Count like an egyptian
David Reimer
Year Levels:

The mathematics of ancient Egypt was fundamentally different from the mathematics of today, which makes solving ancient Egyptian problems quite an adventure.

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Developing Efficient Numeracy Strategies Stage 1 *REDUCED*

Developing Efficient Numeracy Stage 1
NSW Department of Education & Training
Year Levels: pre F - 3

Detailed support for teachers helping to develop students' counting strategies.

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Developing Number Knowledge

Developing Number Knowledge
Assessment, Teaching and Intervention with 7-11-Year-Olds
Robert J. Wright, David Ellemor-Collins, Pamela D. Tabor
Year Levels: 1 - 5

This book outlines a detailed approach to instruction aimed at developing the number and arithmetic knowledge of primary students.

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Dice Games for Place Value

Dice Games for Place Value
and other maths concepts
Paul Swan
Year Levels: 2 - 9

Teaching notes and games for use in helping children to understand this 'big idea'.

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Dice Games for Tables

Dice Games for Tables
Paul Swan
Year Levels: 1 - 7

A great resource for helping students to develop fluency with basic multiplication facts.

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Domino Deductions

Domino Deductions
Developing Mathematics from Dominoes
Paul Swan
Year Levels: 1 - 7

Activities to get students thinking and working mathematically - with dominoes!

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Engaging Maths: 25 Favourite Lessons 2nd Edition

Engaging maths 2nd edition
Doug Clarke, Anne Roche
Year Levels: F - 6

This full-colour volume aims to enrich the mathematical experiences of primary school students (and their teachers) through enjoyable, challenging and active lessons.

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Teaching for Understanding
Jenni Way (ed.), Janette Bobis (ed.)
Year Levels: 1 - 9

“Oh no! Not fractions!” The anxiety that students (and teachers) experience with this core mathematical topic prompted the editors to bring together research on the teaching and learning of fractions.

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Geoboard Gems

Geobord Gems
Paul Swan
Year Levels: 2 - 9

Students like using geoboards. They are simple and allow experimentation with many mathematical concepts.

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Having Fun with Maths

Having Fun with Maths
Activities and Games for Developing Maths Language and Skills
Dave Tout
Year Levels: 5 - 12+

A collection of thoroughly road-tested and ready-to-use games and activities.

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Improving Aboriginal Numeracy

Improving Aboriginal Numeracy
A book for education systems, school administrators, teachers and teacher educators
Thelma Perso
Year Levels: F - 9

A thorough discussion of background and issues together with explicit identification of their classroom implications.

Members: $ 32.00 inc.GST Others: $ 40.00 inc.GST

Making number talks matter

Making number talks matter
Developing mathematical practices and deepening understanding
Cathy Humphries, Ruth Parker
Year Levels: 4 - 9

A number talk is a brief daily practice where students mentally solve computation problems and talk about their strategies. The talks help students to work flexibly with numbers and arithmetic properties, building a solid foundation and confident disposition for future learning.

Members: $ 34.00 inc.GST Others: $ 42.50 inc.GST

Mathematics Assessment for Learning

Rich Tasks and Work Samples
Anne Downton, Rose Knight, Doug Clarke, Gerard Lewis
Year Levels: F - 8

For teachers wanting to use tasks which can help to identify what students know and can do.

Members: $ 40.00 inc.GST Others: $ 50.00 inc.GST

Maths Games with Child Friendly Cards: Developing Early Number Skills

Child friendly cards
Linked to the Australian Curriculum
Dr Paul Swan
Year Levels: F - 3

This book contains many, many card games. Some are more general, such as concentration games, matching card games and collecting groups of cards. Others focus on mathematical concepts and skills.

Members: $ 28.00 inc.GST Others: $ 35.00 inc.GST

Maths Terms and Tables *REDUCED*

50% OFF
Jack Bana, Linda Marshall, Paul Swan
Year Levels: 1 - 10

A great classroom reference resource.

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Money matters

Money matters
A teachers handbook for developing money concepts
Paul Swan, Linda Marshall
Year Levels: F - 6

Practical ideas and resources for introducing and developing money concepts.

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