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Who can be a reSolve Champion?

Any teacher of mathematics from Foundation to Year 10 can complete an expression of interest to become a reSolve ChampionWe are looking for people beyond those who are or would see themselves as ‘mathematics specialists’. Educators such as principals, teacher educators and officers of education authorities may also apply.

Why would I want to become a reSolve Champion?

A major factor for most people will be the opportunity to undertake a high quality, sustained professional learning program that will hit many of the ‘hot topics’ in teaching mathematics with research-based strategies and approaches that work in the classrooms. Beyond that, the motivating factors will be different for different people.

What are the criteria?

The expression of interest requires short statements (approximately 250 words) in response to these questions:

  • Your knowledge relevant to the reSolve Champions’ role
  • Your experience as an educator and in seeking and providing professional support for their colleagues.
  • Outline your positive disposition to mathematics and its learning, and to working with colleagues.
  • Describe your skills in networking with others in person or using technologies.
  • Describe how you are self-reflective and able to learn as you go.

What is the timeframe?

Expressions of interest are due 30 April 2017 and you will be notified of your success after 26 May 2017.

How many Champions will there be?

There will be a minimum of 240 Champions around the country, with at least 10 in the smaller jurisdictions (ACT and NT). Beyond that, it is expected that numbers of Champions will be roughly proportional to population.

What will reSolve Champions be doing after mid-2018?

The work of reSolve Champions beyond mid-2018 (the conclusion of the reSolve project) will be determined locally, according to the forward plans for uptake of reSolve materials and processes in schools, groups of schools, AAMT Affiliates and education sectors.

How will reSolve Champions prepare for the role?

reSolve Champions will undertake the Leading reSolve professional learning program.

How much will it cost?

There will be no cost for participating in the Leading reSolve program.

Will the professional learning program be accredited?

The Leading reSolve program will be linked to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (with an emphasis on the Accomplished and Lead Teacher levels).

Who will be conducting the Leading reSolve program?

reSolve staff and consultants will work with national and international leaders in mathematics education to ensure the program is a significant contribution to the reSolve Champions’ professional lives.

What will the program be like?

Leading reSolve will be a blended program involving both face-to-face and online modes.

When will the face-to-face workshops be held?

The face-to-face workshops will be held during school holidays to avoid the need for teacher release. Availability to participate in both programs (September–October 2017 & April 2018) is essential for selection as a Champion.

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