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The Leading reSolve program

The Leading reSolve program will equip reSolve Champions with the knowledge, experience and skills to use reSolve resources and processes – the reSolve legacy – in their own classroom and in collective efforts to improve Australian students’ experiences and achievement in mathematics. The program will commence in July 2017 and conclude at the end of June 2018. The Leading reSolve program will be linked to the AITSL Professional Standards for Teachers (with an emphasis on the Lead level). It will be formally accredited in NSW, ACT and other jurisdictions as appropriate.

Leading reSolve will be a specially designed professional learning program developed and facilitated by the reSolve team working with other Australian and international experts. In line with the principles that underpin all reSolve professional learning the program will expect and support participants to use reSolve resources in their own classrooms and in their work with colleagues in professional learning programs.

Leading reSolve will be a blended program involving both face-to-face and online modes.

It is expected that participants will:

  • commit to two face-to-face workshops in October 2017 (one day) and April 2018 (two or three days)
  • complete at least four of the eight reSolve professional learning modules as online, facilitated ‘courses’
  • participate in other purpose-designed professional learning (webinars etc.)
  • trial and provide feedback on at least five of the reSolve classroom resources
  • trial and provide feedback on at least one of the reSolve special topics
  • lead at least two reSolve Professional Learning modules with colleagues

Overall there will be around 40 hours of professional learning spread through the year, plus the trialling and feedback on reSolve resources.

There will be an emphasis on networking with other reSolve Champions and, toward the end of the program, planning for the period after the project concludes.

reSolve staff and consultants will work with national and international leaders in mathematics education to ensure the program is a significant contribution to the reSolve Champions’ professional lives. The program will be led by Mr Matt Skoss, National Manager of Communication and Engagement based at AAMT.

At the end of the Leading reSolve program, each of the reSolve Champions will have:

  • extensive knowledge of the suite of reSolve resources
  • experience using a range of the classroom resources in classrooms
  • experience facilitating reSolve professional learning modules with groups of teachers
  • capacity to effectively lead a range of professional learning programs based on reSolve resources and processes
  • a plan for action beyond mid-2018.

Champions expression of interest package

Champions overview