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A message from Max and Nao

Max and Nao

Welcome to our new Connect with Maths community. The 'Digital Learning and Mathematics' community was launched at the 2015 Biennial AAMT Conference and welcomed in by Max and Nao   two humanoid robots used to interact with students and engage them in problem solving through coding.

The focus for this community is on curation of quality mathematics digital learning resources. 

The Starting Point of this community is 'curation' that extends into the following nodes of interest. It is hoped that as community members build the resources further nodes will evolve.
Let's discuss these ways forward in the Forum.

In summary, the Digital Learning and Mathematics community development areas currently are:

  • Awareness of digital tools for mathematics
  • Curated resources
  • Contemporary pedagogies
  • Just in-time learning
  • Skill building
  • Problem solving
  • Conceptual development
  • Emerging technologies

Our new community

Welcome to our new community. The launch of the Digital Learning and Mathematics community marks the completion of the setting up of Connect with Maths project. Connect with Maths communities support the teaching of mathematics Birth to senior secondary.

AAMT Conference launch

With music and dancing, NAO invites delegates at the AAMT Conference to join the new Connect with Maths Digital Learning and Mathematics community.


The Connect with Maths Project has a five online education communities focussed on a teaching area of interest of mathematics.

Community Objectives

This community  seeks to offer a forum for educators working with digital technologies in mathematics education in the implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics, particularly in for General Capabilities and Digital Technologies curriculum that intersect all studies. 

Community Leaders

Community Leadership and active input from its members are the essentials of an effective online community. This community comprises educators who wish to advance mathematics that leverages digital technologies through professional conversations and curated resources helpful in building the knowledge, understanding and practice of mathematics teaching.

Digital Learning FAQ

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) are a result of community questions about the Connect with Maths Project. We welcome further questions to assist your understanding and participation in this online community resource. Specific questions about leveraging digital technologies for teaching and learning of mathematics can be discussed in the community Forum.